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Any person who distributes illicit substances. Most often used to describe a young male that sells to a specific geographic area or neighborhood, and most likely moves hard drugs (ex. cocaine, crack), as well as the standard marijuana and prescription pills. Mostly used in the Southern part of the US, even though its use has become more widespread due to the emergence of southern Rap in the mainstream.
A dope boy is just another hood entrepreneur.
by Big Teezy June 24, 2006
A drug peddler, most often a young hustler
Dope boiz on da conrner talkin all dat shit
by billy d ocean February 15, 2005
tha rock slangas or drug dealers i guess if u wanna call em dat
yo check out the dope boys on tha block u want some fine purple
by blood syxx June 11, 2006
noun. a person, usually a young African-American male, who sells dope, usuall crack or powder cocaine or heroin
"Be careful walking down 13th Street, cuz the dopeboys hug the block tight around there."
by wisegod October 05, 2005
somebody who sells drugs on the corner
the cops let all the dope boys run east clifton ave in cincinnati
by g-money August 22, 2004
A male counterpart specializing in the trade of street pharmaceuticals.
Rapper Young Jeezy labels himself a dope boy because he got that snow.
by Shivz June 01, 2006
A street dealer who sells heroin. They might sell other drugs but to be considered a dope boy you must sell heroin.
"Yo, where the dope boys at? I need to cop some bags!"
by Steph O'Cide September 12, 2006
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