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The vagina and/or breasts of Mila Kunis.
Dude, I was so stoked about seeing Mila Kunis in the sex scenes of No Strings Attached until I found out she didn't show her punis.
by el caballo blanco July 30, 2011
When one feels the need to yell out "G-UNIT" AND "PENIS" at the same time. Which resaults in the merging of the two words, creating one amazing word: P-UNIS!
Kitty: "Shut the fuck up and go to sleep!"
Katherine: P-P-P-P-UNIS!
by pachya March 24, 2005
a little ass dick of someone who thinks they got a big one
you aint got no penis u got a p-unis
by Miss Jordan<3 November 24, 2005
A man is said to suffer from the condition known as punis, when one or more of his pubic hairs is longer than the penis itself.
Did you hear about that kid Jerome? He actually trims his pubes so that nobody will know he's got punis.
by Professor HG December 30, 2007
A puny penis. The word obviously is a hybrid of the two words.
Check out the punis on that poor bastard - its so small that everytime he takes a piss he gets his pubes wet
by becy July 25, 2004
the words penis and pussy combined. somewhat of transgender gentiles

oooooh yeeeeah stick it in my punis!!!!
by papabear11 May 13, 2011
This is when a man does, acts, or says homo things but swears he is not.
"Man have you guys ever seen a pussy that shit looks nasty, dicks look like lollipops. I don't want to lick dicks I just tring to say pussy look nasty." This person is a "punis"
by Oarin October 09, 2007
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