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stop it, desist (often a stern command)
Knock it off you freaking scallywags.
#stop #ceasd #desist #cut it out #enough already
by Light Joker October 17, 2005
Southern term meaning, to obtain, recieve, or buy something
Mayne, i just knocked off those new J's.
You see that chain? I'm gonna have to knock it off.
by Spencer Evans April 18, 2005
to whack it off, polish your knob
"knock it off Tom!" Tom's mother said. Tom replied, "Bitch, I only do that to hot chicks that aren't blood related, DARRR."
#jack off #whack it #choke the chicken #handjob #flog the dolphin
by BitchinChris69 October 31, 2006
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