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How stupid people spell the word "tongue."
Is it really that fucking hard?
by a pseudonym November 10, 2004
The politicaly incorect way to spell tongue. The real human way to spell tounge. (Excuse me Mr. Webster, this is the correct way to spell tounge.) The standard Love Muscle for male and female.
She had a very nice tounge piercing.
#lick #tongue #love muscel #pleasure #kisser
by Biff2 September 28, 2006
(Toonj) Verb

In skateboarding when you throw yourself down every obstacle at a rate of speed and intensity which usually results in substantial damage to your body. The action of tounging resembles that of a battering ram. When someone tounges exceptionally hard they tounge like a battering ram. Tounging is exclusive to skateboarding and does not apply to BMX, Scooters, Rollerbladers, or organized sports.
Jerry Hsu tounges like a battering ram in Stay Gold B Sides.

Skate Rat 1 "Dag, look at that kid in the bowl- he's not that good, but he can tounge!"

Skate Rat 2 "Agreed"

Skate Poseur "Man that BMX'er is tounging!"

Skate Rat "You wash your whore-mouth out with a bar of soap right now!"
#shred #rip #skate hard #skate or die #skate and destroy.
by schralperskaterat June 05, 2013
Kissing someone in a bed but no sex follows. It's tonguing while lounging.
Frank and Sally didn't have sex. They just tounged.
#tease #rejection #tongue #lounge #sex
by howimetyourfather May 15, 2010
used to lick or suck
last night this dude made me cum with his tounge
#tounge- #dick #pussy #cum #lick #suck
by THE-FINEST-BITCH February 04, 2008
When someone bites your tongue. Usually when getting off.
Girl: Omg! I was getting off with this guy and he tounged me!
Girl 2: Ow! Did it hurt?

Boy: I like a good tounge.
Boy 2: Really? My tongue spilt last time!
#bite #kiss #snog #get off #tongue
by cantspell January 31, 2011
The way retarded people spell the word tongue.
No example;; There's no right way to use the word tounge.
by [Heather] July 29, 2005
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