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the words penis and pussy combined. somewhat of transgender gentiles

oooooh yeeeeah stick it in my punis!!!!
by papabear11 May 13, 2011
1 42
the resulting word after vigorious scrubbing of your hand when your friend has inappropriatly written the word 'penis' on it
friend 1: haha *writing* "google Luisa and... PENIS"

friend 2: NO!! *scrub scrub scrub* "ugh it says punis now!!!"
by flychik17759324 February 21, 2009
3 44
Something you call someone when you don't want to call them a bad word.
On knock it off, you're such a punis.
by Gina Mottola December 31, 2003
2 44
The sheer lack of fundamental penis length to be considered a man by the judgment of other men.
Wow! Tony has such a clit sized punis that all his women cheat on him because he has no possible way to please them.
by B-Ry-An July 22, 2008
10 61
A penis hidden inside a vagina. When a girl is aroused the penis comes out. Used to decribe a stupid/idiotic person.
I found out that i dont have a left arm: you punis, ur such an idiot
by matt March 11, 2003
8 61
A pun, good or bad, involving the word penis.
"My god that's an awful punis" said Delores.
by pauly January 27, 2005
4 58
A penis that is inside the vagina of a female. When aroused by penile penetration, or other stimulation from fingers or tounge, the penis pops out, genraly forcing the parter out.
I was eating out her puss and then this dick just pops into mouth mouth..... She had a fucking punis!!
by Vag Masta March 11, 2003
20 74