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A random word that originated at stokesley school, north yorkshire, england, particularly amongst the pupils who began in 96. This word settled all arguments and/or ensures the person to whom it is said is gutted.
Mr Borwell:"I like measuring animals"
Clairey:"Hemity!" (index fingers pointing upside down)
Pauly:"Oh dear, Mr Borwell is gutted."
by Pauly April 04, 2004
Description of an un-penetrated vagina, used by those who have obviously never seen one in their life.
as in: "I'd love to get some virgin cunt" - Almost an oxymoron.
by pauly January 19, 2003
extremely happy (slang) (=chuffed)
Bob: i just won the lotto
Bill: chuft?!
Bob: well duh yeah!
by Pauly April 04, 2004
To drown ones existence in alcohol induced good times.
Total alleyfication of the evening
by Pauly March 08, 2005
Sexy beast, pro skater
Fuck me, have you seen fletch on a skateboard? Shit hot tbh.
by pauly January 19, 2003
To drown ones existence in alcohol induced good times.

A night of excess spent at 'The Back Alley' (Calgary Alberta).
The Alleyfication of Wednesday night.
by Pauly March 01, 2005
tall thin woman who usta teach english but got hit by a snowflake and could no longer teach because of severe mental damage. frequently fighting off kittens for survival. can only speak in incoherent shieks or screams.
" dude rigney was going down the street in her wheelchair goin like 30 gettin away from her cats and she hit a stopsign man"
by pauly January 31, 2005

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