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To kill, harm, or just not know the word pummel.
Master Bates got pumbled by Darrell into KJs rug.
by A. Drone March 14, 2003
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Looks pregnant but isn't. Can't brush or dye hair. Cannot teach anything. Looks 20 years older than she is. Blocks entire corridors.
Everyone knows a pumble
by BiPolarBearUK March 30, 2015
to maul, to hit, to destroy -- chelseas version of pummel
that car just pumbled that kid
by :))))))))))))))))) December 06, 2010
A good name for a baby penguin.
Mama Penguin: I think i'll call him... PUMBLE.
Papa Penguin: BEST. NAME. EVER.
by Pumble-the-baby-penguin March 28, 2011

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