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man did u see them niggas scrappin
by Anonymous September 28, 2002
A word that nortenos use to identify surenos, its usually meant in a bad way.
Look at that fuckin scrap, lets go mob on that fool.
by Lumpy Loks May 23, 2005
An agreement to participate in any activity.
Hey Mike, you want to get fucked up tonight?

Yeah, I can scrap with that.
#scrap #grind #agreement #participate #down
by JFaz311 September 04, 2010
A disrespectful term that Nortenos say to da Surs (surenos)...
"look at those scraps rite there, I'm finna pull licc on dat scrap"

"I can kill a scrap if you want me to (SCRAP KILLA)"
#scrap #scrapa #scrappy #scrap killa #scrapata?
by shuky July 31, 2006
a fagget ass blue-wearing kat trying to represent the other side other from the northside
Look at the punk ass scrap trying to gang bang.
by Ca$pEr March 22, 2005
a scrap is a "sureno or a fake as muther fukin bitch that think he/she is a gangster. most scrapz net bang and run wen loco boys come after them. also known as a "sewer rat"
Look! Theres those scraps carlos n jesus briones!
#sewer rat #scrap bitch #scrapa #skrapa #rata
by NORTE_22_CH0LA December 12, 2006
To fight with someone.
Im bout's to scrap with this dude.
#scrapping #scrapped #fight #battle #hand to hand combat
by ChYko August 23, 2006
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