the act of procrastinating by watching porn.
Many young men find it difficult to complete homework assignments due to procrasturbation.
by darqcyde December 23, 2008
Having the desire to masturbate, but lacking the physical will to do so.
Person 1: Jesus Christ i'm soo horny! I'd jack off but the computer is all the way in the other room!

Person 2: Stop your procrasturbation, put down the blunt and get the fucking vasoline!
by Cowboy Curtis June 19, 2009
1: Masturbating until the last moment to do something.
2: Waiting until the last moment to masturbate.
1: "I procrasturbated all day to do my math homework"
2: "I had so much time that I just ended up procrasturbating"
1:2: "Procrasturbation is a horrible habit to get into"
by Master Procrasturbator October 15, 2009
Excessive procrastination and/or the act of enjoying putting off your work to an abnormal degree.
Becky's poor study skills and tendency toward procrasturbation were starting to affect her grades adversely.
by Louella Pruitt March 08, 2009
The act of leaving from one area, to retreat to a private area where one can masturbate.
"Dude, Cody was in the bathroom for like an hour! Probably doing a little Procrasturbation..."
by foxfoxfox101 April 24, 2009
(noun) the act of getting pleasure out of procrastinating
I spent so much time procrasturbating that I never even did my essay.
by Pete November 02, 2002
Waiting too long to masturbate, causing extreme pain and bodily harm
Don put off masturbation for 2 weeks and his testicles imploded
by G·r·a·h·a·m June 05, 2005
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