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Using masturbation to otherwise occupy yourself while pressing matters await.
I had a paper due today, but I spent all night procrasturbating, so fuck that noise.
by The Middle Man January 29, 2003
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The act of jerking off as a way of putting off schoolwork or other shitty, unpleasant tasks.
-Hey man did you write your paper yet?

-Well I was about to start it, but instead I looked at porn and spent the whole afternoon procrasturbating.
by Al Kareem Jamal July 21, 2009
to maturbate to use as an excuse for not doing homework, work, etc..
yo dude i just got done procrasturbating so i am happy now...

teacher: why isnt your paper done

Billy: I was procrasturbating all night
by Tyler Falk August 08, 2005
To spend your time masturbating when you should be doing other things
Man I didn't get any work done earlier, I was too busy Procrasturbating!
by b2b April 14, 2009
Masturbating in order to avoid attending to one's responsibilities.
"I gotta stop procrasturbating and get some homework done. I'm getting sore anyway."
by Joe the Philosopher November 25, 2009
Variant of procrastinate, but connoting the heightened pleasure achieved during the performance of otherwise mundane activities when said activities are performed as an act of procrastination. Can also connote the subsequent desperate guilt or depression felt upon becoming fully aware of true nature of the act. Succinctly expresses the essence of the wise adage, “Procrastination is a lot like masturbation: it seems like a lot of fun until you realize you’re just fucking yourself.”
Even though I'd seen Dirty Dancing twelve times before, I could've sworn this 13th viewing was the best. Then I realized I was procrasturbating, my midterm is still tomorrow morning, and now I want to puke.
by CAATAD February 20, 2008
To masturbate when you should be studying.
I had an exam to study for but I didn't wantto do it so I went and masturbated, engaging in Procrasturbating.
by Zachary Carapetis July 10, 2008
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