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to waste time pleasuring yourself
A teenage boys' favorite way to avoid doing his homework is procrasturbation.
by MAKATTACK234 October 14, 2009
2 2
Putting off things so you can masturbate
John had a project but he could not resist procrasturbation and he did not get it done.
by Cason November 30, 2007
3 3
Using masturbation as a way of procreation

"What are you doing?!"
"Calm down! Its just procrasturbation."
by Kranken March 12, 2012
0 1
The act of masturbating instead of doing some other task that you are supposed to be doing.
I wasted all my time with procrasturbation rather than doing my homework.
by lookupsmegma July 10, 2009
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the act of procrastinating by watching porn.
Many young men find it difficult to complete homework assignments due to procrasturbation.
by darqcyde December 23, 2008
3 4
1: Masturbating until the last moment to do something.
2: Waiting until the last moment to masturbate.
1: "I procrasturbated all day to do my math homework"
2: "I had so much time that I just ended up procrasturbating"
1:2: "Procrasturbation is a horrible habit to get into"
by Master Procrasturbator October 15, 2009
0 2
Having the desire to masturbate, but lacking the physical will to do so.
Person 1: Jesus Christ i'm soo horny! I'd jack off but the computer is all the way in the other room!

Person 2: Stop your procrasturbation, put down the blunt and get the fucking vasoline!
by Cowboy Curtis June 19, 2009
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