Procrastinating masturbation. When you hold off from jacking it to do it later.
Person 1: I'll masturbate later

Person 2: But that's procrasturbation. Be a man and jack your shit right now!
by Chispatr April 14, 2010
The act of purposely screwing yourself by putting off a task that is known.
Combining the word procrastination and masturbation.

Marcie participated in procrasturbation resulting in her eminent doom by not completing the task of filing.
by iublondie25 December 16, 2009
to waste time pleasuring yourself
A teenage boys' favorite way to avoid doing his homework is procrasturbation.
by MAKATTACK234 October 14, 2009
Putting off things so you can masturbate
John had a project but he could not resist procrasturbation and he did not get it done.
by Cason November 30, 2007
Using masturbation as a way of procreation

"What are you doing?!"
"Calm down! Its just procrasturbation."
by Kranken March 12, 2012
The act of masturbating instead of doing some other task that you are supposed to be doing.
I wasted all my time with procrasturbation rather than doing my homework.
by lookupsmegma July 10, 2009
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