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(v) To waste time pleasuring oneself.

Background: Term coined by Bernard Bangwanger to accurately describe his daily activities.
Having nothing else to do, Bernard decided to procrasturbate until he passed out.
by Branden Hart October 20, 2004
1.) To waste time (procrastinate) by pleasuring oneself (masturbate), putting off other work that one should be doing by masturbating.

2.) To screw oneself (figuratively) by not doing work when one should be.
I had an english paper due, but I spent all day yesterday procrasturbaiting, and boy am I in trouble now.
by spizzman November 30, 2004
past tense : procrasturbated; past participle : procrasturbated

delay or postpone action and masturbate instead; put off doing something and have a wank.
Roger wanted to mow the lawn this afternoon but procrasturbated a couple of times and now has a sore wrist. Hand to gland combat ruins lives...
by WelshRuffster May 11, 2016
to masturbate when you should be doing something more constructive.
I should have been doing laundry but I decided to procrasturbate all day instead.
by IAmLanky January 18, 2009
Aus. v. The art of postponing work to meet with Pamela Handerson.
Whilst I was urgently required to complete a report I did not want to work on, I was also in need of dishonorable discharge. So I started to procrasturbate.
by BoredMiner April 22, 2009
To waste otherwise valuable time in self-stimulation of the genitals, or more metaphorically, to waste time doing something unrelated and unimportant to the task at hand; it must be of great interest/pleasure to oneself but only to oneself (which separates it from procrastination) and must have no real positive or substantial upshots.
Keane should be writing an essay but he's procrasturbating.

I can see why nothing gets done in the house; Suzy often tends to procrasturbate by watching The Notebook over and over again.
by Keane B June 08, 2006
To avoid work by looking at porn, looking at porn of course leads to masturbation.
Billy would procrasturbate to milf porn instead of working on his English final.
by darqcyde December 23, 2008
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