A prick is someone very modest person, often called Jack, or Jon.
Jack! You modest prick!
by asdayou May 25, 2012
A worthless asshole who's really stupid and thinks there is no meaning to life.
"You fucking prick!"
"I am not!"
"Shut the fuck up you douche!"
by Mannon4356XudXlahves April 28, 2010
Derogatory word used for a ball-gargling,asshole of a wanker. Mainly used by the female gender.
"I never said you could stick it in my ass,you prick!"
by Jimprick December 01, 2009
n.: A total asshole, jerk, or jackoff (or jagoff).
Don't ever ever ever ever swing at a girl you fucking prick!
by A.W.G. August 27, 2009
An complete asshole that girls that cant get enough of and speaks thier mind and dont give a fuck
your such a prick for calling my sister a hoe
by sugga bear July 30, 2009
A fuck tard that enforces rules on a fucking forum. Looks like, if not is, a penis.
Kevin or Zodiac. Same person; both are prick
by playasayhuh January 12, 2009
You when your drunk
Man he is such a prick when hes drunk.
by dinosaurtrick October 27, 2009

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