You when your drunk
Man he is such a prick when hes drunk.
by dinosaurtrick October 27, 2009
describes an idiotic man at baker street station who mouths off at people for petty reasons.
that guy is a prick.
by wearer of a red check shirt August 30, 2009
1. n00bs.
2. Annoying retarded monkeys.
3. People who think "new school" music is the best. See poser.
4. People on online games that attack you and kill you while you are trying to do something important tht doesn't involve them.
5. AIs in certain games that you can't see that attack you from behind or other areas while you are low on life.
6. People on Urban Dictionary that post shortened versions of great defintions where they copy everything the person before them said.
1. "That prick on Runescape keeps asking to trade."-The Omega Master
2. "w00t i is da 1337est"-Prick
"Go away you prick."-The Omega Master
3. "Did you hear the latest Linkin Park?"-Prick
"Did you know you were a cock-sucking prick?"-The Omega Master
4. "Did that prick in the wildy kill you again?"-ASP
"*nods**sniff*"-The Omega Master
5. "Playing MGS3?"-Mike
"Yup"-The Omega Master
"Oh! Go kill that guy!"-Mike
"You see, I could if I could find the fucking prick!"-The Omega Master
6. "How many pricks posted brb!?"-ASP
by -The Omega Master February 26, 2005
what she felt last night
Girl 1: So how was he?
Girl 2: I think he pricked me with a sewing needle
by (_vertigo_) May 28, 2015
1. A total asshole
2. What an injection does to your body
3. A penis of sorts
Brent Cole from that shitty city down south is an absolute prick for pointing out the fact that I didn't know what the word prick meant.
by asddafdasdfdas October 15, 2012
Someone who spikes your stream of conscious thought with confusion, insecurity or humor.

When someone makes you have to think twice too often, making you feel uneasy and perpetually out of the moment

Like a metaphysical pin prick.
Stu keeps making innuendos.

Stu is a Prick.
by Trumpet Face June 27, 2012
A prick is someone very modest person, often called Jack, or Jon.
Jack! You modest prick!
by asdayou May 25, 2012

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