Your such a prick!
by Tammy2497 January 24, 2010
describes an idiotic man at baker street station who mouths off at people for petty reasons.
that guy is a prick.
by wearer of a red check shirt August 30, 2009
1. A derogatory term for a small penis
2. A male who fits the personality of a "dick" and is pretentious. PRetentious dICK.
You fucking prick, get outta here!
by Jesse T. Chism March 18, 2008
An old Man's Dick/Balls. Also used to insult dickheads and assholes.
Selena: Why are Malik and TJ acting like that.
Frank: What you mean ?
Selena: They're acting like Fucking Pricks.
by SleepingGhost567 July 24, 2014
1. A total asshole
2. What an injection does to your body
3. A penis of sorts
Brent Cole from that shitty city down south is an absolute prick for pointing out the fact that I didn't know what the word prick meant.
by asddafdasdfdas October 15, 2012
A prick is someone very modest person, often called Jack, or Jon.
Jack! You modest prick!
by asdayou May 25, 2012
A worthless asshole who's really stupid and thinks there is no meaning to life.
"You fucking prick!"
"I am not!"
"Shut the fuck up you douche!"
by Mannon4356XudXlahves April 28, 2010

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