A man who takes advantage of his position to push an issue he could let go of. Motivation is heterogeneous among this population.
Bruno screwed up table 24's order. I apologized and offered to correct it but no, the prick wants a root-beer float on the house. I should have had a V8.
by Krakenbunny July 01, 2015
a irish term meaning individual of not much worth and whom has a small penis. usually english they are mostly male however you can have female pricks Queen Elizibeth 2nd is a good example
Queen Elizibeth 2nd
Tony Abbott
One Direction
Cody Simpson
Justin Bieber
by WestHamSheppard February 24, 2015
A stupid ass bitch who you don't wanna fuck with. A benchwarmers piece of shit who takes years to get onto the basketball team. He's thirsty. He acts like the truth is rumors and he'll fuck you over. Usually thinks he's hot shit and all the girls love him
by Therealmfbitch January 11, 2015
- Penis
- Irritating nobend
- One who is not liked and/or appreciated by those around him/her
Osman is such a massive prick.
by badgerandroids August 07, 2015
an asshole or dick. most often from the island.
I would rather be called an asshole than a prick.
by dream within a dream February 23, 2015
An old Man's Dick/Balls. Also used to insult dickheads and assholes.
Selena: Why are Malik and TJ acting like that.
Frank: What you mean ?
Selena: They're acting like Fucking Pricks.
by SleepingGhost567 July 24, 2014
referring to the act of the penis pricking a virgin female's fresh vagina open to the world. As a result of this, the male who did it may be referred to as a prick for taking the innocence of someones little girl.
If your the prick who got Sally prego... and left her at the age of 15, you need to die.
by Kozman December 27, 2010
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