the existence of someone whos entire meaning in life is to prove you wrong and completely fail at it and everything else they do such examples of people in my life are
michael:so you threatened me that if i didnt shut up in your clan chat on runescape you would throw your new laptop you just got?

steven:no i never specifically aimed the threat at you

michael:but i was the only one in the chat when you said it you prick
by newbrandomness22 June 30, 2010
A prick is a wannabe who tries to hard to fit in and then fails and becomes a faget poser.
Ay man look at dat prick ova there tryin to look raw.
by ~RoChElLe Iz RaW*~ March 16, 2007
Someone who is a total snob.
My math teacher is a major prick.
by Aeladya January 16, 2005
One who is extremely rude and fascist.
"You prick! Stop trying to control me!"
by Drew February 11, 2003
A Homosexual Male who's sexual preference is to have sexual intercourse in the Anus.

Meaning when a man pumps his penis into another man's Butt-hole for sexual pleasure.

"Look at those damn pricks holding hands" Very mean to say.
by djjennyfe April 21, 2007
One of many things that can go in a pussy.
Guy 1: you have a small prick.
Guy 2: at least I get to stick my prick in a pussy, not in a goatse!!
by Chester Bennington April 01, 2003
A man who takes advantage of his position to push an issue he could let go of. Motivation is heterogeneous among this population.
Bruno screwed up table 24's order. I apologized and offered to correct it but no, the prick wants a root-beer float on the house. I should have had a V8.
by Krakenbunny July 01, 2015

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