A fuck tard that enforces rules on a fucking forum. Looks like, if not is, a penis.
Kevin or Zodiac. Same person; both are prick
by playasayhuh January 12, 2009
You when your drunk
Man he is such a prick when hes drunk.
by dinosaurtrick October 27, 2009
1. a penis
2. a very small penis (used as an insult towards guys who are insecure about their sexuality
3. a term used towards people who are selfish and inconsiderate jerk
by doctordick2 September 30, 2009
A dude with a small penis.
dude1: see that guy over there...

dude2: yeah

dude1: he's such a prick!

dude2: totally, i bet he cuts himself trying to masturbate!
by Kregiboi May 18, 2008
A charmer, then who crushes you.
Prick: Shane Michael Oldham.
by ex girlfriend #9 July 21, 2010
(v) to act spitefully towards a person
I would have won the game, but Chad pricked me and we both lost.
by tjahain August 12, 2007
1. someone who is very conservative pansypussy
2. a penis
3. a jerk, or an asshole
Sasha is such a prick.
by briissoamazing June 12, 2007

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