1. a penis
2. a very small penis (used as an insult towards guys who are insecure about their sexuality
3. a term used towards people who are selfish and inconsiderate jerk
by doctordick2 September 30, 2009
A charmer, then who crushes you.
Prick: Shane Michael Oldham.
by ex girlfriend #9 July 21, 2010
A dude with a small penis.
dude1: see that guy over there...

dude2: yeah

dude1: he's such a prick!

dude2: totally, i bet he cuts himself trying to masturbate!
by Kregiboi May 18, 2008
(v) to act spitefully towards a person
I would have won the game, but Chad pricked me and we both lost.
by tjahain August 12, 2007
1. someone who is very conservative pansypussy
2. a penis
3. a jerk, or an asshole
Sasha is such a prick.
by briissoamazing June 12, 2007
The only part of most men worth a damn


A male who is unpleasant to be around
"I wouldn't even fool with that prick- except he's got a huge prick. Yeah, it's shallow, but he feels the same ways about boobs."
by bitteryoungwoman April 30, 2009
the existence of someone whos entire meaning in life is to prove you wrong and completely fail at it and everything else they do such examples of people in my life are
michael:so you threatened me that if i didnt shut up in your clan chat on runescape you would throw your new laptop you just got?

steven:no i never specifically aimed the threat at you

michael:but i was the only one in the chat when you said it you prick
by newbrandomness22 June 30, 2010

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