An individual, whom, by the subjective generalization of the observer, has never been exposed to much stress or hardship and appears to have had academic, career and personal success that is far above average. The individual has an extroverted personality and feints an image of egality with respect to his or her peers. The individual will be well respected in his or her career and other activities and is usually very physically active in aerobic athletics. The quality of the material objects that these individuals own are usually superior to any alternatives.

The prick portion of the person's personality is realized due to minor fluctuations of the demeanor that may appear to exhibit the same qualities as bipolar disorder. The observer will understand the minor fluctuation of the personality to be due to having a life with very little exposure to stress or hardship and the brief harshness of the fluctuation is akin to that of a pin prick, hence the name 'prick.' It should be realized this an over-generalization of the observer on the individual and not a scientifically accurate method for analyzing a personality.
That guy in the BMW just flipped out because the window washer missed a spot, what a prick.
by definition_guy August 26, 2013
an asshole. who thinks its okay to go round hitting girls and pushing them around. dont try to be nice to him because he will just be a bitch.cant take anyone elses bullshit.

Poor Girl who deals with him: WTF DID I DO TO YOU,YOU PRICK!?
by lelebabiii October 11, 2011
Worse than a douche and jerk combined. A guy who thinks they know everything but in reality they're stupid hypocrates. A guy who loves to cause drama then acts like nothings wrong. most likely a guy named cliff.
jasmine: i think cliff is being a prick. priscilla: isn't he always.
by alphabet369 May 17, 2011
1. To poke something with a sharp object

2. A dick (penis)

3. A dick (worthless asswipe)
You can prick your finger, but you can't finger your prick...

Whoever votes down on this is a total prick.
by UltimateDark January 05, 2011
Your such a prick!
by Tammy2497 January 24, 2010
1. n00bs.
2. Annoying retarded monkeys.
3. People who think "new school" music is the best. See poser.
4. People on online games that attack you and kill you while you are trying to do something important tht doesn't involve them.
5. AIs in certain games that you can't see that attack you from behind or other areas while you are low on life.
6. People on Urban Dictionary that post shortened versions of great defintions where they copy everything the person before them said.
1. "That prick on Runescape keeps asking to trade."-The Omega Master
2. "w00t i is da 1337est"-Prick
"Go away you prick."-The Omega Master
3. "Did you hear the latest Linkin Park?"-Prick
"Did you know you were a cock-sucking prick?"-The Omega Master
4. "Did that prick in the wildy kill you again?"-ASP
"*nods**sniff*"-The Omega Master
5. "Playing MGS3?"-Mike
"Yup"-The Omega Master
"Oh! Go kill that guy!"-Mike
"You see, I could if I could find the fucking prick!"-The Omega Master
6. "How many pricks posted brb!?"-ASP
by -The Omega Master February 26, 2005
an asshole or dick. most often from the island.
I would rather be called an asshole than a prick.
by dream within a dream February 23, 2015

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