when you cum in a (hopefully) pussy before you wish you could thus destroying 70-90% of the pleasure. usualy caused by being overly horny and getting too excited.
jeff:how was last night with cindaayy?
jerry: it was awful, i had a premature ejaculation in her faggot pussy!
by odood19 January 08, 2010
Finishing your manly ammunition even before your target appears.
Holly : *spanking her ass* Hey boy, come get me
Bill : Er....puchk
Holly : Not that come you dumbfuck
Bill : Damn you Premature Ejaculation
by Night Patrol June 25, 2015
when anything or anyone has any form of sex with the musician LIGHTS.
No shit man, of course premature ejaculation took place when he had sex with lights
by andythemanofthewes May 03, 2010
The thing that happened to Jim (from AMERICAN PIE) when he was tryint to finger the hot exchange student
1) Don't ever tell another man that you prematurely ejaculate or else he's going to unevitablty laugh at your loser face.

2) If you are a premature ejaculator die.
by wismty May 17, 2005
The action of taking one or two shots of liquor before smoking hookah in order to get an amazing buzz. Used as a noun.
Yo, i need some premature ejaculation before we fire up the hookah.
by Donny Bizzle August 21, 2008
Also known as the Shaft.. maybe sometimes usin the name of shaffybaby.
look out for him/her or wateva they are.
Shaft is known as the premature ejaculation because the reason being is he does it all the time even when wanking..he thinks its normal.
I and alot of other people would have to disagree.
by dophie September 12, 2007
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