when a man squirts his man juices out of his erect penis
"dude i blew a load on your sisters face last night"

"shit i blew a load all over my keyboard"
by wag September 08, 2004
Verb. To ejaculate. Can also be used nonliterally to indicate excitement.
"Dude blew a load all over my fucking calculus homework!"

"Ohhhhhh shit, that is so tight I'm gonna blow a load."
by Danny Delinquent December 09, 2003
To come, aka ejaculate.
Dude, I blew a load up Chelsey's ass.

Whoah, I just blew a load.
by Trevor Morton July 23, 2004
to put your laundry in the dryer
justin: brb I have to go blow a load

joann: ...

justin: put my load of laundry in the shower lol...get your mind out of the gutter q=
by j tha lady killa September 04, 2009

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