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Well, because I created a link to here from came, I figured I better define cummed right. Cummed is the past tense of cum, plain and simple. If you wish to see my arguments, go look up came.
Marshall cummed while watching the Sin City movie trailer.


Last night Steve cummed after Mona gave him an awesome handjob.
by Doobie Smokes You May 11, 2005
the past tense of cum
I cummed all over your mothers face.

You had to wipe the computer screen because you cummed all over the place while you were beating it to cheap Japanese porn.
The past tense of the word cum which means to excrete a small amount of semen from the tip of the penis before ejaculation
I just cummed all over Mataya's face

Dude, I finally cummed
by Yugoslavian Frog February 28, 2011
Means achieved orgasm, reached orgasm, climaxed sexually. To use "came" or "cummed" for an orgasm in the past tense? People actually get into arguments about this.

1. One argument is that since "cum" is pronounced same as "come" it's only natural to use the past tense of "came".

2. OTOH: A sportscaster would not say, "The batter flew out to left field." If the batter hit a pop fly, the sportscaster would say, "The batter flied out to left field." "Flew" in this case is absurd (except for a Red Bull commercial!). So by analogy "cummed" is acceptable.

In this writer's opinion, either "came" or "cummed" is acceptable. If you want an alternative that doesn't sound like a sexologist uttered it, there's always climax/climaxed. "I just orgasm'ed" is possible, too, if a bit stilted.

This is truly a case that argues for liberality of usage among even the most conservative speakers of American English. You do yourself and the language harm to over-scruple, and your sex life might suffer, too!

"I came four times last week by beating off." --

"Oh dang, I think I just came." "You mean you don't know?"

"You cummed in my mouth. You said you wouldn't." --

"Oh shit, I just cummed early." "Don't worry, big fella, you'll live to come again."

(The tag section has other possibilities.)

by al-in-chgo February 22, 2010
Post ejaculatory phrasing
"I cummed in your dogs face" - Term (10)

by Living Ghost April 15, 2006
To ejaculate your man juices on or in someone/something.
I cummed all over TFX when he banned me.
by TFX June 27, 2006
to be covered in cum.
I cummed her face and tits....
by Shizzle July 21, 2003

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