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Bullshit name of an election campaign committee that convinced the Supreme Court to allow corporations decide who wins and who loses federal elections.

Obama State of Union Address mentioned Citizens United with an "in your face" to the Supreme Court. Justice Alito visibly disagreed.
Citizens United is for good for citizens the same way rat poison is good for rats.

Citizens United sucks. I wanted Joe Shmoe, who seems kind of honest, to win the Senate seat and go to Congress. But the fucking Supreme Court let XYZ corporation provide a billion dollars in advertising for a crook named Bernie Madoff running against him, and it totally sunk Joe's campaign. Now Madoff will haul in millions of dollars in bribes from XYZ and a bunch of their crony companies. America the Beautiful!
by euphemismo March 21, 2010
To completely fuck-up in your profession. A butt fumble (n) or to butt fumble (v).
Example 1: Did you see Mark Sanchez, the Jets quarterback, run into the ass of his own lineman and lose the football? That butt fumble has been voted the worst of the worst sports mistakes for two months straight now.

Example 2:
Surgeon A: “I can’t believe I amputated the wrong leg of that patient."
Surgeon B: “Man, you totally butt fumbled that operation. You're probably going to get your license suspended."
by euphemismo April 13, 2013
A Boehner (pronounced Baynohr) is a blunder, a stupid mistake.
Boy did I pull a Boehner when I called in to Slanthead and said members of Congress are a bunch of Chicken Shits. I meant to say, “Members of Congress are a bunch of Chicken Craps.”
by euphemismo December 05, 2010
Government of the lobbyists, by the lobbyists, and for the lobbyists. Also known as the United States of America.
In the U.S. lobbyism flourishes at the expense of middle class Americans.

Lobbyism is different from capitalism because it is based on greed and bribery; while capitalism implies business conducted on a “level playing field.”

Lobbyism is our government gone corrupt.

Lobbyism brought the U.S. a financial meltdown, a huge recession and the worst environmental disaster in the nation’s history.

We wanted health insurance reform, but lobbyism won; now we have a mandate to buy over-priced health insurance from profiteers.
by euphemismo June 28, 2010
A resident or citizen of Great Britain, England, Scotland, United Kingdom, et al.
The UKadians are having a blast with the devalued dollar and the well-deserved jokes aimed at U.S. President, George W. Bush, a/k/a "the monkey."

If you're from the U.S. and visiting the UK, tell the UKadians that you're from Canada so you won't be put to shame in public.
by euphemismo July 26, 2007
BP Oil Gusher at the Bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. An underwater oil well drilling disaster of unimagined proportions.
BP's hell-hole is creating the biggest fucking mess in the history of saltwater pollution. Birds, fish, beaches and mammals are getting drowned by the oil. Give BP the corporate death-sentence by a U.S. capture of all of its assets.

BP is an international energy company that likes to have off-shore oil rigs that drill hell-holes miles underwater where an oil leak can poison the entire Gulf of Mexico.
by euphemismo June 06, 2010
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