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A phrase used to respond to someone making a comment that was intended to be funny, but touches on subject matter that shouldn't be joked about, usually because it was a recent event (being in the last decade or so).
person1: Ah man, i didn't study for the final. I'm gonna fail for sure

person2: Dude, you're screwed like Steve Irwin in a tank of stingrays.

person1: Too soon.
by Attomar November 05, 2007
A phrase used in reference to actions or comments that are intended to be humorous but touch on timely subjects that are still too sensitive for most people to be ready to laugh about.
The employees listened in shock as the last remaining programmer joked about the lack of management vision that was derailing the company. For them, it was too soon.
by xidol May 15, 2006
A phrase said after making a sarcastic or sadistic joke regarding a morbid event. Such as Dave Kingman booting a ground ball, the Steve Bartman interference of the foul ball at the Cubs playoff game, Dave Winfield dispatching a sea gull, and any other event that hits home. Can be construed as insulting or hurtful.

Often said at celebrity roasts as a timely funny comment or metaphor after insulting one of the attendees.
The Cubs have as much chance of winning a World Series as Steve Bartman does of interferring with another foul ball at Wrigley Field. Too soon?
by KRAPPYWESTMI August 15, 2016
To joke about a deceased person within the time to be determined by the audience of the joke to be too soon after his or her expiration.
Joe: Look at that guy! He is shorter than (deceased person) was.

(Audience of Joke): Too Soon!
by Derwin Spickler February 08, 2010
when someone does or says something that is completely inappropriate for the situation.
a gross guy makes comments as you walk by. too soon.

by ASKA March 30, 2006
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