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Short for Pardon the Interruption.
A show on ESPN featuring Tony k and Micheal W
that's friggin hilarious. plus, its insensitive to Canadians
Did you watch PTI last night?
HECK YES! FUCK Canadians!
by Glue548 December 02, 2005
Pardon the Interruption hosted by Tony Kornheizer and Michael Ray Wilbon with frequent apperiances by Antony Joseph "Stat Boy" Reali. The greatest sports talk show ever. Two old men bicker about whose "boy" lit it up the previous night.
Tony on PTI loves Uranus almost as much as he loves the penguin dance, the trampoline bear, Donavan F McNabb, Playing to Win the Game, Going after men in their 40s, saying goodnight to Canada, having hurnias, people from Long Island (including Mariah Carey) and the Sawks and the Yanks.
by sens08 June 19, 2008
Pardon The Interruption
ESPN TV show featuring Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon debating/arguing about various issues in sports. Awesome show.
Same time tomorrow you knuckleheads!
by adsfadsffdsa June 25, 2005
Pre-Trial Intervention (A program for first time offenders in which charges will be dropped if the succesfully complete a period of probation.)

Rush Limbaugh is in PTI
by Bobodude July 16, 2006
PTI is a dispersing minded crowd of people in Pakistan in the name of change who are gathered with the help of agencies, for their own interests. This group has the unique ability to merge immature kids, rejected politicians, landlords, capitalists, liberals, robbers and mafia in it. This group has the ability to win elections on Facebook and their kaptaan is elected by those who don't have their CNIC yet.
PTI will bring change by selecting the same old politicians, no one can stop this Tsunami, agencies are with us now.
by PTIKHAN November 24, 2011
Passively Transgendered Individual. One who is transgendered and refers to themselves as such, but accepts any and all pronouns others assign to them.
"So you're a trannie now?"
"Yeah, I just went PTI last night. You cool with that?"
"Do I have to use any fancy pronouns or anything?"
"Nah. I'm fine with whatever you call me."
"Then yeah, great."
by gradster1 June 02, 2009
pornographically transmitted infection
a virus or worm that you recieve as collateral damage of downloading porn.
shit dude, i just got a PTI
by luka j husbands October 24, 2007
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