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like most states, pennsylvania has two large cities and the rest is dotted with small hick towns.

the four seasons in pennsylvania are:

1. almost winter
2. winter
3. still winter
4. construction
where else but pennsylvania can you freeze to death in the winter and die of heat stroke in the summer?
by bumbleclot July 19, 2006
The guy that your girlfriend is fucking.
Tony? Oh, he's just a friend.
by bumbleclot May 19, 2009
a girl who is so intensely attractive that she causes a guy spill his load too soon, thus inducing a premature ejaculation.
much to her chagrin, jessica was a premature ejaculation inducer. all of her sexual encounters lasted only a few moments; her hottness was to blame for the rapid ejaculatory speed of her male partners.
by bumbleclot July 11, 2006
Blue collar does NOT simply refer to working class people. Blue collar workers are working class people whose jobs consist of MANUAL labor.

A white collar worker may also be a member of the working class. In some cases white collar workers make less money than blue collar workers.
Construction laborers are blue collar workers.
by bumbleclot May 14, 2009
the reason why you lost your job, your 401k was wiped out, you don't have health care, your wife left you, and your dog died. there should be a country song about it.
why am i eating ramen noodles for dinner every day? the economy, man. the economy.
by bumbleclot January 30, 2009
an overrated and hyped-up website, 4chan mostly consists of a bunch of dorks (who are all anonymous since there are no registered usernames) posting boring pictures of anime and naked chicks.
after reading the top definition on urban dictionary, i thought i was going to be awestruck by 4chan. instead i discovered it to be lame and uninteresting.
by bumbleclot February 12, 2009
How people outside of the U.S. refer to mathematics.
Crikey! I bloody hate maths, mate!
by bumbleclot May 05, 2009

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