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Most commonly described as a girl with a great body but a mangy unlovable head..
Also used in relation with "seafood lappy": the act of a prawn stripper giving you a lapdance.
"seafood smorgasboard": where a room is filled with prawns, so many prawns it can make a man gay...or a lesbian want to have a crack at the wang..
"don't hook that chick, she's a prawn"
"i got a seafood lappy last night, i told her she wasnt worth $50 so i gave her $10 and told her to turn around"
"lets bail, this place is a seafood smorgasboard"
"you mutant prawn, i'll slap your arse up and your face off...then we'll talk!"
by edidas March 12, 2005
24 24
To describe a chik that has a mad body, but a bad face.
it comes from when you eat a prawn, you eat the body and throw away the head.... (australian)
person 1: man, did u end up hookin up with that chik?
person 2: yeah, but she was a bit of a prawn tho
by skip June 18, 2004
632 185
a person with a hot bod but isnt that pleasant to the eye- Keep the body, throw away the head
examply above {Keep the body, throw away the head}
by lil miss vixen April 21, 2005
256 105
A derogatory term used for aliens, or non-humans, specifically in the 2009 film District 9.
"...we try to engage with the prawn on behalf of MNU and on behalf of humans."

"The aliens, prawns, they take my wife away."
by punch145 August 16, 2009
233 85
Tasty body, revolting face
Me: Dingwall, sorry man but your girlfriend is a prawn.
Dingwall: That's ok, I'm gay anyway.
by J Devil May 31, 2007
105 48
(australian) a male or female with an ugly head but a tasty body.
Q: So how did you go last night with the surf lifesaver?
A: Ummm, he was a bit of a prawn, but I turned off the lights, so it was sweet.
by kimmibee January 13, 2007
115 67
An attractive female who has a great body but an ugly face.
Jamie is like a prawn: cut off the head but keep the body.
by CorkyBorchek July 21, 2009
31 18
Any of various edible crustaceans similar to but larger than the shrimps.
Son: What did you cook for dinner mom?

Mom: Rigatoni with Squash and Prawns
by Stewey August 26, 2007
20 7