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A word used by non-blacks to refer to black people when they're around. Can be equally used as nigger.
A: Can you believe those crustaceans in the back?
B: They ate all the mashed potatoes and fried chicken!! );
by N15 October 15, 2008
Someone who is crusty. A person who lacks hygiene.
Damn that fool looks like a crustacean.
by Christ. Pher February 11, 2015
A subset of the arthropods, a large group of invertebrates. Crustaceans are characterised by having a hard exoskeleton that must be moulted as the animal grows. Crustaceans are normally divided into six subsets, the most well-known of which includes crabs, lobsters, woodlice and shrimp. This leads people to assume that crustaceans have lots of appendages ("legs"). While this is true for most crustaceans, some have very few or none.
Crayfish and brine shrimp are crustaceans. Some, like crabs, are adapted to live on land and in water.
by gerbileater August 10, 2009
A salty person who is known as a bottom feeder . They are usually greasy and never shower. They also always look out for themselves and not others, and make fun of their so called bros.
A:Man, this kid is such a crusty Crustacean!
B:Why is that?
C:Because he always makes fun of me, and never takes a shower.
by Jay-Lo Wizzle February 21, 2012
1. A name for crust punk friends.

2. slang word for crust punk.
"joey is a crust punk" "joey is a crustacean"
by Anonomonomous December 28, 2008
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