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1. A delicious beverage including finely crushed ice, water and flavoured sugar syrup. Usually comes in Coke ("Froke" = frozen coke)or Raspberry flavour. Can be bought at service stations and cinemas.
2. Slut + Lush: A girl who drinks to excess, while being easy. Someone who is an easy drunk.
1. Mmm, this slushie goes down nice.
2. Mmm, this slushie goes down nice.
by beylix December 21, 2006
1) Small crustacean, known as a "shrimp" outside Australia.
2) Synonym for 'owned' in the online gaming lexicon.
3) One who has a great body, but unappealing face - from the way prawns are eaten: keep the body, throw away the head.
1) Throw another on the barbie.
2) That noob got prawned.
3) I'd hook up with Sheila except she's a bit of a prawn, though.
by beylix May 04, 2007

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