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Eight Steps up from Owned
Six Steps up from Pwned
Four Steps up from Pat Daly
Three Steps up from Uber Pwn

To be Prawned is to be Prawned
Dude i jst prawned you with a traffic cone.
by M Dubbs May 02, 2008
Another name for the clitoris
I caught my sister in bed twangin' her prawn
by Dirt Monkey September 18, 2003
(v). Whenever a noob gets owned.
Josh just got prawned and complained that he just got cheated.
by Brian "Teh-Illist" Crevier April 08, 2006
A Chick with a awsome body but a fuk'd head
dat chick has an awsom body. yeah but she's a fucking prawn though
by GSE March 10, 2006
A girl with a beautiful body but an ugly face.
That girl is a prawn.
by andrea January 26, 2003
Another term for Cray Fish, also known as "Craw Fish" and Craw Dads
I'm gonna go ketch me some of them there prawn
by jdonut July 07, 2003
The rare species that is often found taking meats(look up)in Winchester College loacted in Hampshire. He is hard to find but when found the rewards are great. Such 'reward' include giving rejection and spurning. (We love you Prawn - really!)
Chesney: Meats Prawn!
Spanky(Look up): Mates Prawn!
De Haes : You have no friends Prawn!
Donald: Ha ha, Prawn Banter!
Lim: Rejection Prawny!
by Edward 'Camp Tank' Chesney February 22, 2005