1) Small crustacean, known as a "shrimp" outside Australia.
2) Synonym for 'owned' in the online gaming lexicon.
3) One who has a great body, but unappealing face - from the way prawns are eaten: keep the body, throw away the head.
1) Throw another on the barbie.
2) That noob got prawned.
3) I'd hook up with Sheila except she's a bit of a prawn, though.
by beylix May 04, 2007
a word used to describe a person who is homosexual, pretentious, dresses in ridiculus clothes or a loser.
That chap is such a prawn
by chod-dorian December 15, 2010
A prawn is someone who has failed at life, a freeloader and or clepto of note. Adj
Sada (PRAWN) had all the connections it needed and knew where all the parties were. Thus every night she didn't have to pay for the alcohol nor the dinner. Nobody liked Sada
by 123dontblameme May 24, 2010
Equivalent to the American butterface "but her face" expressing that everything is good on a girl, but her face.
That girl at the gym had a great body but when she turned around I realized she was a prawn.
by Twatwaffels June 12, 2014
Any scum eating low life who does not shower from the middle east that will put a dollar in front of the welfare of his family.
NATO Soldier- "I can't believe that prawn sold his own daughter, i'm glad I killed him."
by Spaniard2345 November 22, 2010
the bottom feeders of the earth
girl1: oh did you hear about rob and janet sharpe stealing their daughters dog
girl2: what a fucking prawn
by loreancase June 21, 2010
Most commonly described as a girl with a great body but a mangy unlovable head..
Also used in relation with "seafood lappy": the act of a prawn stripper giving you a lapdance.
"seafood smorgasboard": where a room is filled with prawns, so many prawns it can make a man gay...or a lesbian want to have a crack at the wang..
"don't hook that chick, she's a prawn"
"i got a seafood lappy last night, i told her she wasnt worth $50 so i gave her $10 and told her to turn around"
"lets bail, this place is a seafood smorgasboard"
"you mutant prawn, i'll slap your arse up and your face off...then we'll talk!"
by edidas March 12, 2005

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