To act or have personality traits that are of a homogeneous nature to Luke Adkins.
"No I don't want to drink alcohol"
"I just wanna smoke weed and sit here"
"To be sexually aroused by your own sister"

These are all common symptoms of being a prawn.
by Old matey123 September 20, 2013
An undesirable ex-girlfriend, ex-shag-buddy, ex-one-nite-stand, ex-partner. prawns cause an uncertain uneasiness with the new spouse even though there is no need as the ex has been discarded for reasons such as lack of spine, thick skinned harshness, lack of personal hygiene, creepy arms or legs ... ETC.
GF - will you tell me if we see a prawn out tonight?

BF - course babe, but they will be over shadowed by your beauty and you'll think poorly of my taste!

GF - i know ...
by phantom dictator July 01, 2011
A race of people that steal other peoples belongings, live in shacks, refuse to be evicted and assault law enforcement officials. IE: Niggers.

They are associated with District 9, which is formerly known to be about Aliens. But it's a movie that has a hidden message about the African American race.
Dude, that prawn totally broke into my fucking car, they should send them back to district 9.
by Blacks Hardware February 03, 2011
Prawn as a noun is an object, like a video or picture, that has to do with sex. As a verb, "prawning" is the act of pleasuring one's self while watching prawn.
Marc, stop prawning and go do your homework!
by EESHAN RIM November 14, 2010
A word used by locals of Woodhaven, NY when referring to pornography. Though it may have been used this way by many other people, its popularity had increased after the creation of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, in which the protagonist of the game had to visit a location known as Prawn Island. Incidentally, the number one business on Prawn Island was a Porn Studio. The derivation of the use of the word Prawn, comes from the Internet lingo colloquialism to misspell the word Porn by reversing the center letters and replacing the o with a zero. "Pr0n". Use of the term "Prawn" has lead to the creation of a euphemistic meaning of the word "Shrimping". Shrimping: the act of watching porn while conducting a form of self gratification. Also: the act of surfing the web for new pornographic material.
<While on a crowded New York City J train>

K: Before I left the house I went shrimping for some Prawn and found this really crazy one with Sasha Grey, I sent it to you so you can check it out.

D: Seriously dude? I really didn't want to know that moments before getting on this train with me, you were shrimping.
by Captain Prawn Addiction January 27, 2010
male version of a butterface. in that the body is delicious, but youd throw away the head if you could, as you do with a prawn.
-what do you think of matthew mcconaughey?
-omg, hes a total prawn! hot body, shame about the face...
by wirez June 01, 2009

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