A redhead but not the cool dark auburn red heads with hazel eyes but the pasty pale redheads with a pointed nose .One that always looks like she is smelling shit .This is where the "bitch redhead " comes from . She also can not tan and she will have pale white or light red eyelashes that look like prawn legs .Gross.
Hey I heard u were dating a redhead.I hope she's not a prawn cuz she'll be a world classbitch.
by Upyerkilt333 June 12, 2016
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An attractive female who has a great body but an ugly face.
Jamie is like a prawn: cut off the head but keep the body.
by CorkyBorchek July 21, 2009
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to describe a (usually)chinese guy who looks very cute from a distance on the beach but a right minger close up. often found in Hong Kong.

also known as BOBFOC
celebrity example- any cantopop singer. take your pick.
'See that guy on the beach at south bay? Looks good from a distance but what a bloody prawn close up!'
by tadge72 April 24, 2010
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also known as 'shrimps' especially to people who wear red coats and drop fag ends of the floor and get fined.
they're not prawns, they're shrimps!
by blahhhhhh123 August 28, 2010
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1) Small crustacean, known as a "shrimp" outside Australia.
2) Synonym for 'owned' in the online gaming lexicon.
3) One who has a great body, but unappealing face - from the way prawns are eaten: keep the body, throw away the head.
1) Throw another on the barbie.
2) That noob got prawned.
3) I'd hook up with Sheila except she's a bit of a prawn, though.
by beylix May 04, 2007
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A giant clit the size of a king prawn that hangs out of the flaps like a small penis. It smells like one too.
she had a big prawn between her flaps
by leah_kate October 31, 2010
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The lowest valued piece in an Asian chess set.
My prawn kills you queen.
by Bartlebee March 22, 2005
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