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To be really tired.

I've been up since 4 i the morning i'm pouched
by klgjkhfuit September 06, 2007
when the weed your smoking in the bong/pipe is all gone
where's the weed? i swear it was rite here , pouched
by bud intrest August 19, 2006
Getting Drunk, being Drunk
I got so Pouched Last night.
She was Pouched when she bought those pants.
Let's get pouched!
by PouchMaster1 March 26, 2011
The equivalent of being "iced", but instead of a Smirnoff Ice, it is one of those pussy frozen daiquiris/margaritas sold in pouch-like containers. When a person gets "pouched", they have to get on the floor in a most humiliating fashion and drink all of the pouch.
Lucas's friend walked into the room and Lucas pulled out a hidden pussy ass Seagram's Daiquiri and yelled "POUCHED." The friend then proceeded to get on his knees and suck the pouch until every last drop was gone. He was then given a Cleveland Steamer.
by Milford Chows Box July 28, 2012
When a male gets kicked in the testicles
Dude you totally just got pouched.
by switch_nick November 23, 2006
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