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Round objects dangling in a scrotum. Only men have testicles. Women love to kick, knee, squeeze, or otherwise abuse them. When struck, testicles cause extreme pain.
She kicked his testicles until he lay on the floor crying.
The best testicles are the ones that hang low and dangle.
by Watchguard April 03, 2004
A word you say when there is awkward silence in a room with three or more people.
by Sean Nollen September 07, 2006
1. Two walnut-sized coils of tubing inside the scrotum containing the reproductive fluid of a male, semen.

2. An ancient greek hero.
1. I masturbated last night and emptied my testicles.

2. I heard that Testicles was even better than Hercules.
by Cockslanger January 11, 2004
Testicles or testes are the pair of male glands that produce sperm fluid; the tiny sperm in the fluid each contain half the 'information' required to produce another being of the same species. The other half is provided by the egg that is produced in the female equivalent glands called ovaries. When sperm is spurted into the female via the penis and has travelled through the cervix into the womb, the thousands of sperm surround the 'waiting' egg and when one sperm is successful in piercing the egg, the egg, which is hundreds of times larger than the sperm, then prevents further sperm from doing so. The egg is then "fertilized" and eventually grows into a new being of the same species.

The testicles also produce a hormone called testosterone; this hormone in large doses is what makes a being grow into a male. Thus testicles are what makes a male a male!

Unfortunately for mammals, the testicles have to be on the outside of the body so that they do not get too warm. They are composed of tiny tubes or sperm ducts where the sperm are produced; these tubes are coiled up like very thin coils of spaghetti and are contained within an outer cover attached to the body by a thicker tube (the testicle or sperm chord). This chord has a thin walled swelling at the testicle end called the “Epididymis” and this is protected by being at the back of the testicle. This swelling is very important because it is where the sperm is stored and reaches full maturity after being produced in the sperm ducts or tubes. Both the testicles are contained in a special skin bag called the scrotum that adjusts to keep the testicles at the right temperature; closer to the body in cold external temperatures and further from the body in warm external temperatures.

Because they are delicate, testicles have many nerve endings and these are made to cause pain if struck or put under pressure so that the owner will take care not to damage them. This pain is extreme and is not solely confined to the testicles and even a fairly moderate blow can cause debilitation by causing the owner to go into shock; a very hard blow can not only rupture the testicle, but can cause so much shock that the owner dies.

Human nature being what it is, testicles are very often the subject of torture to force a man to tell all he knows as in almost all cases, no man can withstand the pain caused.

Women also find testicles a welcome vulnerability in an otherwise much stronger assailant in self-defence; the famous kick in the balls is a great equalizer.

Additionally, because testicles, along with the penis, are an observable difference in the sexes and because they are what make a man a man, they are often the target (both mental and real!) of female hate (and revenge!) for making men “the way they are”!
As her pointy toe shoe struck him in the testicles, the testoserone pumped up jock went down like a sack of poatatoes; the other girls giggled at his screams as she kicked them again.
by Mike Martlet June 23, 2005
The Fountains of Cum. Where all the cum cums from. Ladies: love'em, tickle'em, lick'em but just don't squeeze'em!
Joey got kicked in the testicles, and now he only shoots blanks
by Hugh G Rection May 28, 2004
A greek philosopher from 348 BCE, worked along Socrates.
His name is pronounced (pronounced Test-uh-cleez)
The greek philosopher Testicles was a genius among geniuses.
He discovered the toilet and urinary tract.
by Senor ballsington March 17, 2008
The symbol of manhood. They are what makes a man a man.
I am still a man as long as my testicles are dangling between my legs
by b-neners March 10, 2008
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