A Prick In a Prius. A person who owns a hybrid and is allowed to use the HOV lane because of the hybrid status. This person will go 50 mph OR LESS, at any time of the day, because his or her vehicle can't do any faster and will block morning and evening commutes with impunity.
I'm late this morning because there was a PIP in the HOV lane who had a mile of morning traffic behind him while he drank his Starbucks and drove 50 mph.
by carenlb June 07, 2009
someone who has been overfucked without the use of a jondom.
hey jess ure a dirty rotten pip. how many times have u passed it on?
by kieren dunn December 09, 2005
Scottish slang. The dialing tone on a telephone.
"She knew the line was dead when there were no pips to be heard."
by Jenifer Baker January 11, 2005
wowzers, awesome, coolio,
Omg you guys im sooooo PIP.
by JenKar October 16, 2010
Pissing In Pants, used as an alternative to LOL.
leet1: Did you see what she was wearing today?
leet2: PIP! She looked ridiculous!
by cornucrapia April 15, 2008
a goose-man..... *honk honk*
pip is a goose

man, if he were any more goosy, hed be pip
by brothel pete December 08, 2003
an annoying addition to a sentence, spoken by someone with a misfunctional vagina
Well aint that a pip guys....
by Ben November 04, 2003

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