the dots on a dice
in a game of backgammon, there is a count of your pips
by lil c November 12, 2003
A word used to describe MO's shitty life
My son shit his pants today, I hate my sister, and I never suck off my husband. Ain't that a pip.
by LargePete November 04, 2003
slang for "Philip"
Look it's Pip.
Wait, no, its not Philip.
by God April 14, 2003
mischievous lil twerp. A name to describe someone (mostly a little child) that is currently getting into trouble. Could also be used to describe a grouchy, temper tantrum child.
The minute my toddler son woke up this morning I knew he was gonna be a lil PIP all day.
by ManicDevyl September 14, 2010
To urinate. The act of urination. Typically used by young children.
Origins: Yiddish/Polish/Eastern European.
See also bop.
I need to pip. Where is the toilet?
by Jono March 27, 2005
pip evolved from turnips and resides deep in the jungle. he hunts at night for young boys to feed on.

Also known as pippalicious or pipparific
"Argh help, im being chased by Pip."
by Shanked_veins February 12, 2004
From South Park. A looser kid who everyone hates, but love to hate. A "tool" thats mere presence beckons abuse.
actual real life example

Me: Hey pip, stand on one foot.
Pip: okay
Me (puts on headphones goes back to work).
by Jackhole McGee November 26, 2003

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