An imaginary person that possesses some qualities of a real person. Once thought to just be a collective figment of everyone's imagination, recent discoveries show that he is, in fact, a being formed out of all the acid trips of the 60's. The power of this formation causes him to be seen by completely sober people. As well as letting him manipulate objects, and play the trombone.
Hey look! It's Acid Trip Pip!
by The Fool (43) November 03, 2006
Slang. A smelly, annoying, arrogant, person, who has no common sense, or ideas about real life and real people. Pips are stuck in a world where Friends, and Coupling are real, because he/she knows no different.
Pip: "Butter is just an American word for Margerine!"
Everyone else: "No, Pip. Shut up"
by Mike Hunt February 09, 2004
An alcoholic, derpessed, hopeless, reject of life that writes letters to his past.
Hey, did you hear that new Pip song, "Letter To My Past?"
by Robert Dinan December 06, 2003
skinny little american girl, has numerous mistakes with the fake tan!
don;t give me a pip give me a st tropez
by edwin May 22, 2003
Poop In Private
guy1: Dude I got to PIP, so don't follow me!
*10 min later*
by The Mortal Combat Guy. May 31, 2010
A Prick In a Prius. A person who owns a hybrid and is allowed to use the HOV lane because of the hybrid status. This person will go 50 mph OR LESS, at any time of the day, because his or her vehicle can't do any faster and will block morning and evening commutes with impunity.
I'm late this morning because there was a PIP in the HOV lane who had a mile of morning traffic behind him while he drank his Starbucks and drove 50 mph.
by carenlb June 07, 2009
Someone who steals all your food and bevrages, usually has a nose flipped up resembling that of a ski jump. A pip will go through your room or living area and create a large mess leaving you to clean it up. They are also quite prone to concussions. Usually used as the nickname of a friend who fits the bill.
(also can be refered to as a little pip or a pip little, because the scale of the mess is most often not little so it is nice if a pip makes a mess on the smaller scale)
A pip will redeem themself through the buying of pizza for you
shiiiity it looks like a dump in here did pip come through again??

dam this looks like it got pipped

sweet its only pipped a lyttle

did a pip-icane (sounds like hurricane) come throught here
by Mike Chiang March 28, 2008

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