so urban
very informatiev
much confuse


so much doge
by OcelotDAD November 29, 2013
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The term doge was used in one instance on as a variant for the popular term dog, which is used to refer affectionately to your friends or homies.

Pronounced, as according to, as "dohzh".
Yo my doge, how's it hangin'?
by Gareth Infinity April 11, 2007
A meme of one the dog known as 'Doge" that has become very popular on the internet.
John: " Did you see that awesome doge meme?"

Ty: "Which one?"
by ELITE-LURKER November 12, 2013
a really rad meme of a shibe dog
such food
much warmth
much doge
by shoe meme December 08, 2013
1) A meme of the dog known as 'Doge" that has become very popular on the internet.
2) Something thoroughly outstanding, interesting, or awesome, usually expressed as ungrammatically as possible and including the word "wow," as well as multiple adverbs of degree.
Wow! Much doge game! Many football. So touchdown. Very QB. Wow!
by Musikate January 24, 2014
The son of Matt Damon, asexually reproduced as a means to kill off all of the heathens that had gathered on Earth. Visited first in the year 325 C.E.
Tom: I love Jesus Christ.
(Stabs Tom multiple times in the heart.)
by PraiseBeUntoDamon October 14, 2013
french word for "doag"
"I dropped a shocking dogé in your toilet bro"
by anonymous doag dropper July 01, 2003

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