Scottish slang. The dialing tone on a telephone.
"She knew the line was dead when there were no pips to be heard."
by Jenifer Baker January 11, 2005
wowzers, awesome, coolio,
Omg you guys im sooooo PIP.
by JenKar October 16, 2010
Pissing In Pants, used as an alternative to LOL.
leet1: Did you see what she was wearing today?
leet2: PIP! She looked ridiculous!
by cornucrapia April 15, 2008
a goose-man..... *honk honk*
pip is a goose

man, if he were any more goosy, hed be pip
by brothel pete December 08, 2003
an annoying addition to a sentence, spoken by someone with a misfunctional vagina
Well aint that a pip guys....
by Ben November 04, 2003
A person, behaviour/acts, product or thing that is stupid in manner, not right, defective. Something out of character, from the normal.
That kid was being (a) pip.
Tahlia's a pip runner
Dylans idea was pip
Mitchell thinks his new school is pip
by Mirkanna February 05, 2010
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