The state or being of extreme wealth. See rich.
What happened to johnny? Oh you didnt know, he won the lotto and now he's pinto like trump.
by Dan_P March 15, 2006
A jabroni that you work with who does nothing but lurk around.
That pinto has been creeping around the office all day.
by Jesse Aiton May 02, 2007
slang in portugeuse for small penis
alex has a pinto
by donald brown November 05, 2003
n., adj. v.

1. a poorly groomed person, one possessing limited personal hygiene; 2. a person who excels at activities others consider wasteful; 3. a charlatan; 4. someone who enjoys the company of goats; 5. chronic masturbator; 6. a person of dubious mental abilities. 6. to do any of the above
About as useful as a boatload of Pintos.

I hear when he's alone he Pintos like crazy.

They arrested him - heard he was a bit of a Pinto.
by Potpid November 09, 2005
ting KABOOM!

hehehe L0Lz..
fill with faggots first
by roflawful March 21, 2005
A slang term for the male fore-skin (shmuck)
That be fishy like Jason's pinto.
by Mac September 24, 2003
Brazillian slang term for a small penis.
Usually used in offence.
"Nick's a pinto"
"Hey! Get your hands off my woman, you pinto"
by Maverick October 13, 2003

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