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purchased, borrowed, or aquired in some fashion or another.
i just copped that new madden 2005 from best buy.
by JWalk January 07, 2005
561 121
stole; took
I copped the Baby Phat shirt at the store.
by charisse March 27, 2003
165 197
To bust outta somewhere with some property that dont belong to yo ass.
"Is it cool to rap about gold if I told the world I copped it from ghana and mali (maaaaaallli!)"
-- Kanye West
by Vitinho October 19, 2005
162 222
to steal, not buy; steal, to take without permission
yo nigga i just copped a candy bar from the store.
by billuke January 06, 2008
102 162
a slang term used in Australia to replace some negative verbs. Even the News uses it sometimes
"copped a bashing" Channel 10 News
"look what I copped from him"
"I have copped a lot of flack over this"
by Draegath March 12, 2003
58 120
british slang for shot or killed
poor bitch, must have copped it in the cross fire.
by finkleburg March 28, 2004
49 127
to recieve oral sex, or head
Dude, I just copped.
by JRJ December 04, 2005
27 202