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A WAXED vagina that is smooth without the stubble that shaving causes.
Jill was told to take two advil before going to the spa to get her brazilian treatment.
by lakergod August 06, 2003
961 437
1 /adj/ Describing a person or thing descending from the country Brazil
2 /adj/ or /noun/ Depilatory technique derived in Brazil whereby all peri-anal and peri-vaginal pubic hair is removed, aside from a small inverted triangle superior to the vagina. This greatly enhances cunnilingus, as no hairs are unwittingly caught between the teeth.
I wish real women had brazilians, not just porn stars.

Hell, she's so hot I'd go down on her even if she didn't have a brazilian!
by Paulio Twentythree January 16, 2004
633 393
Synonym for cool, hip, fun, hot (attractive) or awesome.

Explanation: The country of Brazil, as a concept, is on the cutting edge of cool. The people are beautiful. Tales abound of its hedonistic celebrations.

Further explanation: An antonym (not used, but utilized here to illustrate a point) is French. E.g. That movie was boring. It was French.
1) See that sexy girl. Man, she is Brazilian!

2) I had so much fun at the party last night. It was Brazilian!
by Brendan J. Mullen August 10, 2005
479 417
/adjective/ having to do with Brazil or things, persons, et cetera from Brazil;
/noun/1) a citizen of brazil
2) a hair waxing in which all of the pubic hair is completely removed
/adjective/ This Brazilian coffee sure is delicious!
/noun/ 1) Gisel Bundchen is a Brazilian.
2) My girlfrien got a Brazilian.
by Paul Thundergod June 27, 2003
275 226
1. A man who masturbates (in French: branler) zillion times a day or at least pretends to be able to do so.

2. A man who cannot stop thinking about masturbating after having been watching a chick. Sexomaniac.
3. To look Brazilian - to look at a girl with an obvious intention of having sex with her (licking one's lips as if imitating a cunnilingus), or of masturbating afterwards.
Looking at those porn shaven pussies I turn Brazilian.

You can't impress me telling you're Brazilian, unless you can really f**k with me for longer than 20 minutes,

You dirty son of a bitch, don't look so Brazilian at me!
by noy May 24, 2013
15 29
An annoying species who take joy in ticking off English-speaking players on English servers of MMO games, usually by speaking Brazilian and expecting everyone to understand, OR by raging and naming other players "nob's" if they get defeated.
US (English) player : "Hey, Erica! How was your day! Want to slay some monsters?"
US player 2 : "Sure! But first--"
Brazilian player named narto1447 : "aff wew foda se jaja nobos tres mi pene es en fuego :)))"
US players : "what."
by YU NARUKAMI July 13, 2013
14 39
Beautiful women with a big love for beaches and bikinis. There is a big stereotype that they have big asses -though most of them don't. Many of them are famous as a singer, or models. They are tanned, and known to be very nice, but can sometimes be misunderstood by having an attitude. Don't you ever dare to call them fucking sluts, it's not going to be pretty.
Anna (American) : "OMG that bitch is such a slut, she thinks her ass can get in all guys' pants!!! Ughh she must be Brazilian."
Carol (Brazilian, but lives in America): "What did you just say?! Are you fucking kidding me ?! Oh f**k no! Jealus bitch, you might wanna take out those earings of yours." .....
by brazilian love March 16, 2011
65 102