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Taboo Portuguese word for the male sexual organ, but it is also commonly used as an expletive or to express emotions like surprise, for example. Can also be used as a noun referring to someone, either out of exasperation or without meaning to offend.
Estúpido do caralho! - You fucking idiot!

Aquele caralho já me está a chatear. - That fuck is getting on my nerves.
by kakihara June 21, 2006
1.vulgar word for 'penis';
2."brazilian slang, a very handy word to express pretty much any sort of emotion when starting up a sentence. NOT to be used in any formal situation or around formal people, unless you want their undivided attention". (shamelessly stolen parts of a small blog)
3.used at the end of a sentence, in order to imply an undefined amount of intensity to some subject/action.
caralho! (damn!); caralho! que bom! (oh shit! this is great!); pra caralho (as a fuck)!
by J6025e November 04, 2004
That's "dick" in Portuguese
Vai pró Caralho - Go Fuck Yourself
by António August 18, 2003