1) A car introduced in 1971 by Ford as competition for the new import and domestic subcompacts. Designed to be a simple car that Ford could produce with little time and money spent to redesign and retool every couple of years.

2) A form of habitation synonymous with home in many hobo and pimp communities and circles.
1) We must not let the schematics for the Pinto fall into the wrong hands.

2) That Pinto is pimped out to the maximum.
by BleezeMonkey August 09, 2003
The hottest dance team around with the most sexiest dancers! they are fuckin hot as hell and they know how to party!
Damn... look at the pintos go!
by Aformerteekay April 05, 2005
1. A car produced by Ford in the 1970's, prone to exploding when rear-ended: mostly known for when the company deemed it cheaper to pay off lawsuits arising from death than to remodel the car.

2. Colloquial Brazillian for cock.

3. A portmanteau of the surnames of actors Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto referring to a romantic relationship between the two; also used to refer to a love child resulting from such a relationship.
1. The Ford Pinto: "the barbecue that seats four."

2. "You gotta wait for the right time to whip your pinto out."

2. "Pinto is a GQ motherfucker so fly he doesn't even exist!"
by CaptainFine May 26, 2009
<h1>A dick</h1>, but a bigger one because it's brazilian.
pinto pau pica caralho
by zé da pica May 29, 2011
Pinto: A word that refers to a pimp who is huge and throws refrigerators who probably has banged your girlfriend with his horse cock
Oh man look at that pinto, better keep ur girlfriends at home
by Ibangedurgirl October 25, 2010
1. Pinto Beans
2. Pinto the Car
3. What people call a girl named Ally.
1. Server: What kind of beans do you want on this burrito?

Bob: I want pinto!

2. Travis: Woah man look at that car!

Gillford: Dude! Its a pinto!

3. Lindsay: Hey whose that girl?

Jen: Thats Ally!

Robb: No, its Pinto!
by kap0621 July 02, 2011
A term based on the 1971 Ford Pinto used to describe an unerect penis.
Bill: Every time i look at you I go Pinto instantly!

Jane: F**k you! *SLAP*
by thevagdestroyer February 17, 2011

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