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Extreme abundance, a pleteora, excess, plenty.
That woman is so intimidating, she has moxi like a boatload of marines."
by Jim Inman August 17, 2006
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Precisely one half of one fuck load.
"Get me two boat loads of mustard for my face."
by Moon Daddy February 26, 2008
A degree of how much there is of something; from least to greatest:
1.)a grip
John: Hey how much homework to you have tonight?
Alex: I got a grip wait, it's more. I'd say a little bit less than a shitload.
John: So, based on the universal scale, you would have a boatload?
Alex: Straight up.
by Alex Q February 23, 2005
Word used instead of Butt Load in a Prison shower room....
Hey man, you dropped a boat load of soap!
by Theßeave November 02, 2011
A mispronunciation of buttload so that it can be said on TV.
You'd need a boatload of cash to buy a house.
by foundmymyra July 28, 2011

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