That is "bitch", "cunt" or "vagina" in Czech. Very common but very vulgar insult both men and women use.
Jezisi! Ty jsi takova pica!
(Christ! You're such a bitch!)
by Kovboj July 12, 2005
A disorder characterized by eating nonnutritive substances such as clay, dirt, feces, glue, paint chips, ect.
Does my child have pica?
by Swarm February 03, 2005
is a Czech and Slovak feminine used for:
a) the female genitalia, especially the vulva;
b) an extremely unpleasant or objectionable person, especially a woman, rarely a man;
c) an unpleasant or difficult experience or incident;
d) a woman, women, or bottom as a source of sex.
a) chlpatá piča - hairy pussy
b) Ty piča! - You bitch!
c) Do piče/piči! Dopiče/Dopiči! - Fuck!
d) Ty piča! - You bitch.
by Peter F. 'Rius Jílek December 17, 2012
an abnormal craving for and eating of substances (as chalk, ashes, or bones) not normally eaten that occurs in nutritional deficiency states (as aphosphorosis) in humans or animals or in some forms of mental illness —compare GEOPHAGY
Cletus, how many times do I have to tell you to lick that knife off afore you stick it back in the butter. Land sakes, boy, you best be-have or they'll make you mayor of Pangburn.
Pica: if one person does it it's sick but if thousands do it it's an affirming cultural experience
by Uncumjum November 29, 2006
Worthless unit of measurement only relevant to newspaper designers and graphic design professors.
Why the hell is there not a pica between that photo and that caption?
by Carl March 17, 2005
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