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A game, mostly played in college. The object is for a group of guys to go out for the night and attempt to fuck the worst looking (or fat) woman they can. In the morning they compare notes and decide who won.
Sometimes losing, is actually winning and vice versa (in my opinion).

Fucking women, who usually can not get laid, for sport.
Wow, I would have to say Matt won at pigfucking last night, the girl he did was fat and ugly.

I slept with Cindy, she was hot! I guess I lost at pigfucking, but I don't care.
by Urban Tony January 04, 2007
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Fucking for sport, or a type of sport fucking. Has many variations. The basic scenario is a group of two or more guys find a girl and entice her into some kind of group sex event. Be it as elaborate as an orgy or just a circle jerk where they ejaculate on the girl. The pig is the term used for the female.
1. "Dude bro, let's go pig fucking tonight."
"Ok, you ask every girl on that side of the room and I'll ask every girl on this side of the room and we'll meet up in the middle."

2. "Last night we were trying to pig fuck this broad and all she would agree to was a circle jerk. So there we are all ten of us jacking off and Andy shoots his load across the bed, totally misses the girl and gets it in my eye."

3. "So I'm sleeping there on the couch and I was woken up by Jay's weiner in my face. He's so excited that he's still hard and he's talking real fast. He tells me he finally convinced this chick to agree to pig fuck. So we took her on together. I got her mouth and he took her pussy."
by jlaz June 03, 2010
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When a guy and girl are having sex while eating those tasty snacks we call Doritos.
"Man Inga, I'd really like to try some pig fucking tonight".

"You mean bestiality"!?!?

"No hun, I'm talking about eating Doritos while we are doin it".
by Nightwish224 March 10, 2008
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