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A late '80s musical style that pre-dates the music of grunge. Gritty, dirty, and noisy. Sonic Youth, Big Black, and the Butthole Surfers are the most well know purveyors of this type of rock music.
Alot of this pigfuck music is terrible, but at least it isn't as commercial as some other groups are.
by nespithe January 01, 2006
Very similar to cluster fuck, but has the additional benefits of debased those involved even further by implying that they are a fat, smelly, wet disgusting lard ass.
by uncle bob April 03, 2003
To light one cigarette from another.
Hey, I don't have a lighter-- give me a pig fuck?
by B. Rimsky-Korsakov January 17, 2004
Something a television producer says when he or she is having problems with things inside the mobile production unit
"Why won't these monitors work! Jesus....p-p-p pig-fuck!" as he freaks out to the max
by B-RAD G from K-TOWN January 25, 2006
Someone who fucks fat nasty woman
Scott: Wanna go to the corner bar?

Nate:No way man that pigfuck hangs there and her pussy smells like Bob Barker just breathed in my face!!!!
by Cat Sayjack January 15, 2013
Sex with an obese someone or a someone who is heavier than a person would normally appreciate, and with whom sex is just sex with a fatty.
"Hey, are you gonna start dating him?"

"Nope. Sometimes a girl needs a pig fuck or pig root or hog fuck or hog root.

"I know. My boss is heavy, and she was my pig fuck. Never again!!"
by genxjedi August 25, 2009
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