Acronym for pretty intelligent guy or pretty intelligent girl when someone calls you a pig
When someone calls you a pig say ''I know I'm a pretty intelligent guy or girl''.
by David December 07, 2003
the Upper Hutt and Wellington Police Department
those dumb pigs gave me a ticket for not displaying my Rego
by Brother Number One October 15, 2003
An animal that will evolve and soon fly, and also the typical person that eats a lot, male, someone that doesnt shower, someone that stinks, and animal mostly male humans though, and someone without a life.
Pigs will soon fly!!! SO SHUT UP!!
by hi April 09, 2003
a fat thing that says "giraffe"
by oceanahahaha June 23, 2009
PIG is an acronym meaning "Perpetual Ice Girl." A PIG is a babe who seems to always have a look on her face as if she is pissed-off and usually, when approached, she acts annoyed possibly because of the fact that she knows of her status as a babe. Usually the only chance approaching one of these women with the intent to get in good with her is to try and complain about something whilst in her presence. If she feels like she can help, maybe she will put in her two cents and feel like she has accomplished something. You have established a rapport. She will undoubtedly have "hand" (the upper hand, an idea which may require its own explanation). Only after some time will a person be able to gain hand over a PIG which is the only way to maintain a relationship with respect to these women. In nearly all cases, going to any lengths to acquire a PIG for any purpose (meaningful or purely superficial) is simply not worth the time, effort, mental anguish and eventual unbearable embarrassment.
"Holy shit, dude! That babe over there is such a fucking PIG! I wouldn't touch that with a goddamned 30 foot pole."
by socratesnow April 23, 2009
P.I.G - Poor Ignorant Gangtas. This definition is made just for you to use it, so free to label any poor ignorant gangstas you see with this name.

Draw a pig.
Stick it on the niggers/wiggers back.
Make sure to run fast after you do this, you might not make it if you keep staring at the nigga like its funny.
pig... pig... ... yeah, thats right, pig.
by Toronto Raptors January 27, 2008
crooked ass cop who cant catch u legally
yo man, aint my fault im late some pig pulled me over and started searching my shit
by tank720 May 07, 2007

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