An extremely talented individual at whatever activity they are participating in.
John: "Dave is really good at basketball"

Mike: "Yeah, he's a pig."
by .Chris. .Ryan. April 09, 2008
1. Aaron Gillespie's clothing line he created with his wife, Jaime, based on his nickname, "Pig".
Pig Clothing kicks ass.
by underoathlover02 October 20, 2007
Originally inspired by the fantastic old Nickelodeon show Invader Zim, Pig is used as a term to hail a friend or ally with. For fun, it can also replace other words for that extra Pig feel.
Hey pig, what's going on?

Pig, get in! (To the warthog/other vehicle)

I just got done playing BattlePig 1942!
by MasterGrief December 07, 2005
a man.
that guy is such a pig.
by mooberscoober March 27, 2009
A fat, preferably black or hispanic guy with a bald head and dresses in shorts that hang down past their knees and wife-beaters and basketball jerseys that are way too big.
That guy was a total pig.

Yo pig
by Ike1234 September 13, 2008
A hairy, smelly, generally unpleasant bovine, especially of the law enforcement genus.
Fuck cops, hate pigs.
by badhabits November 26, 2005
(N) a woman. originated in Steinbeck's The Wayward Bus, used by a character.
1) Look at the ass on the pig.
2) Don't worry about it, she was just a stupid pig.
3) Hey did you hook up with that pig after i left?
by pedro! November 07, 2005

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