*A term to refer to a cop.

*A term to refer to an ultra-perverted man.

*Basically a term to refer to an annoying, snivelling, obnoxious, meddling prick, such as one who disrespects your privacy.

*Some good eatin'! ^_^
"Muslims don't eat pig because they're dirty. They don't know what they're missing out on. Bacon is goooood. ^.^ *hands one out to an arab* here try one! ^_^ "
by Dave March 28, 2004
that fuckin cop that busted my ass last week
that fuckin pig took my dope!!!
by Andrew Richardson March 15, 2003
A Nine Inch Nails fan.
"Hey you fucking pigs! march!"
by Joe j. April 23, 2008
Pig usually describes a White person. There are two reasons for this: 1. Most of the pigs for slaughter are White. 2. Pigs are fat, and many White people are overweight and clumsy.
"Congrat. you've lost 4 pounds!"

"But I'm still weight 89 pounds, I'm still a pig"
by Pig for life March 20, 2009
a fat pink dog
oh my, that pig is attacking my shoe!
by carol November 25, 2003
Is the domestic animal that is too ugly than all other animals, You can relate it to other animals. Cha siyasabeka.
Her body is mncwa, but the face is like of a pig.
by Givenson April 04, 2003
The male of the human species.
I'm watching a porn of a pig fucking another pig.
by imsoboredimdoingthis July 23, 2003

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